Dragon Fly Helicopters is a company originated by Dragon Fly Srl. which was founded in Cucciago, Como (Italy), by the Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni brothers, two internationally famous archaeologists.

The first two helicopter prototypes, single-seat model, were built and tested in 1989.

The next light two-seat helicopter model, Dragon Fly 333 was realized in about 70 exemplars. The DF333 is built to JAR Part 27 standard and was certified in 1996 in the Italian Aeronautical Register under the VLR (Very Light Rotorcraft) standard, with SO/A 344 approval.

Dragon Fly Helicopters actually wants to start the production in series of the certified two-seats light helicopter, derived from Dragon Fly 333, named DF-A344.

Dragon Fly Helicopters will also produce the helicopter Twin-power SK-1 and the light version of ULR A-333 Dragonfly.